You can search paying guests, hostels and rental property/rooms in India with our portal. Rent rooms for a single day/monthly/yearly. We started operation from 2021.

About Us

Date of Commencement: 7 August, 2021

If you are travelling to another city for education/occupation, you will need a place to crash. Right? Our goal is to provide all the information you may need to book a room in Hostel and Paying Guest. We provide all the relevent information related to the room, the food provided, the facilities, environment. We want to give you the live information of the place you want to book. We created this place so you can get a viirtual experience of the place you want to stay. We are still improving our reach to you in every way possible. Please provide your valuable suggestion and feedback here, so we can serve you better.

"My Choice , My Bed"

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